Best Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Long Time

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This last weekend the public got to watch the latest inductions into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame for the first time. For some strange reason, every year, the public has to wait like a month to see it. We all get to read about it. We get to see who was chosen and all sorts of information about the ceremony but we do not get to watch it live. Then around a month later, each year, it is played on HBO.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. It touches me in ways I sometimes find hard to describe. Live music, in particular, reaches me on such a high plain that I find that the English language seems to be inefficient to explain how it touches me. I tried to write a book about how important it is to me but even that feels like it is not enough. The Sporto: Tales from the Rock Mecca of South Florida was my attempt to somehow convey the importance of music to me.

So I watched the Hall of Fame on Saturday and it was a great night. Actually, it was one of the best ones in years. Many bands that were inducted this time were bands I grew up on. I was blown away on how good some of these bands sounded after all this time. ELO was incredible. Yes, blew my mind. Lenny Kravitz did one of the best versions of a Prince song I think I have ever heard. Journey was kind of strange. It felt great to see Steve Perry again after all this time but weird he did not sing with the band.

All of the people who did their speeches inducting the folks did a good job and David Letterman hit it out of the park with his speech about Pearl Jam. Hands down, Pearl Jam stole the show and was the best music of the night. They closed the show and nobody else that night could have done a better job. I hope you reading this get a chance to see the show. It is replaying on HBO. I highly recommend you pour an adult beverage and sit down and watch this. Or, in the words of Pharrell commenting on Nile Rodgers, “Dance. Dance. Dance.”

C. Rich
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