U.S. Courts Out of Control Against Trump

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The federal courts in America are completely out of control. They will not let President Trump do anything. Somehow, we have found ourselves in this weird vortex where liberal judges are now the Commander in Chief. The latest example of this insanity is a US judge blocked Trump’s order to cut off funding to cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities. One action after the other, the Democrats are using their cohorts in the judiciary to block everything President Trump is doing.

The Democrat Party can not win at the ballot box, so now they are using their handpicked judges to block standard powers of the executive that they do not agree with. The precedent they are creating is beyond frightening. This behavior of the courts is changing the fundamental core of our democracy and it must be stopped. The Democrats are using the only tools they have left, the courts, the media and the college campus. I said it before and I will say it again, our government is at war with itself.

Steve Bannon said it best, we are at war each and every day. I have been stunned watching how far off the rails the left is going to destroy Trump. It is unclear to me if Trump understands the magnitude of this battle or knows what it is going to take to win this. It is time to get down and dirty. The right must face the nature of this war and meet political warfare with their own chicanery.

In addition, there are tons of elected Democrats that do not want to be apart of what their leadership is doing. There are many on the left that want to move America forward. They need political cover to come out from the shadows. President Trump needs to co-opt a way to reach out to those folks and undermined Nancy and Chuck. This is not left and right or black and white. There is nuance here. A clever guiding hand can overcome these attacks for the party leadership. Bill Clinton called it triangulation. President Trump needs to crush these political scamps from all sides.

It is time President Trump read the book “Rules for Radicals” by writer Saul D. Alinsky and apperceive what he is up against. If he does not read that book, he simply can not win this war. Trust me, his enemies have read “Trump: The Art of the Deal” and they have done their homework. Someone close to the president needs to sit him down and read Alinsky to him. If that does not happen, it is over. It will be checkmate. 

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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