Resist What? Resist Who? Resist Where?

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Just how do you recognize the who, what and where of the so-called resistance? Well, the who is a very large bunch of sore losers. The what are the blatant hypocrites, when they lectured us that Trump would not accept the election results. The where is found in the media, Hollywood and the Democrat Party. So now that we have identified the who, what and where, let us ponder the future.

For over two years the who, what and where got every single thing wrong in regard to Donald Trump, the election and just about anything that has transpired as of late. The vast swath of wrongness that permeates from the who, what and where should have triggered a change. In normal circumstances, if a person at work is that wrong about what they are being paid to do, then they get the boot. People get fired and replaced. They are replaced with people who get it right more times than not.

If the weatherman was wrong every single day, could he keep his job? If the mailman brought the mail to the wrong addresses every single day for over two years, could he keep his job? We would be hard pressed to find places of employment where we could still collect a paycheck. The only place this exists is the who, what and where. There is no other dimension in the entire universe that being wrong every single day for years on end comes with a salary or reward.

It is a shocking state of affairs that not one person has been fired over the 2016 Presidential Election, but that some have been elevated. So, what do we do with a situation like this? How do we, as the other half of the country who got it right, handle moving forward? I believe from this day forward we prepare for the 2020 presidential election. We must realize that this obstreperous insanity that is the left, could influence some votes and prepare accordingly. “Keep America Great” will be our rallying call. Our president has already applied for the trademark.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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