Forget Tax Reform Drop the Rates

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President Trump has been tricked into a mouse maze of Washington doublespeak. He was told he had to do healthcare first. They dangled a trillion dollars in front of him in the taxes of Obamacare and he fell for it. The Republicans in the House cannot and never will agree on a final bill sent back by the Senate, so the trillion dollars is an illusion that will never materialize.

The government whore and usual suspects tell the president that taxes are tied to healthcare that will never happen. By the way, the taxes are connected to infrastructure spending and “tada,” nothing ever gets done. The entire Populist agenda is killed by a trillion cuts. Our president seems to be the last person to understand this. This is a very sad and pitiful situation for believers of the populist movement such as myself.

So far it seems the only one on the right that sees this for the Shakespearean Tragedy that it has become is Ann Coulter. Ann has been screaming from the top of her lungs about what is not getting done and I’m with her. There is no reason President Trump has to redo the entire tax code that we all know Washington will never agree to when we can just drop the rates.

Nothing and I mean nothing would be more powerful for America than kick starting this horrible economy by dropping the rate. We need a clean bill through congress on just the rates and the rates only. However, we are still back at first base and trying to get healthcare done that will never in a trillion years be agreed to by the full congress. It is starting to look like our nation will never run correctly ever again in our lifetimes. The whole thing makes me sick.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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