48 and Bombing Iraq My Entire Adult Life

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48 and Bombing Iraq My Entire Adult Life

On Vietnam War Veterans Day can we speak some truth? The Gulf War started August 2, 1990, and I was twenty-one years old. Today I am forty-eight years old and we still have troops in Iraq. I have watched pass by my eyes, The Gulf War or Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Farewell, Shock and Awe, the Surge and much more that I could name. You see the problem here? Can anyone tell me what on Earth did we get out of any of this?

Why are we still in Iraq? What are we doing there? Why are American Soldiers still dying in the sands of that desert? What the hell is going on? We have been there for twenty-seven freaking years and still no end in sight? How do we even allow this in our name? This ranks up there with the biggest lies of my lifetime. Just place this scandal next to the lie that was the 9/11 Official Report and the 2008 economic crash. We have created alternate realities running parallel and simultaneously that never seem to interact with themselves. It is not a house of mirrors, it is a planet of mirrors.

We had a former president that warned us at his farewell address to the nation. President Dwight D. Eisenhower last words to us on January 17, 1961, told us to watch the informal alliance between a nation’s military and the arms industry which supplies it at the intersection of influences on public policy. It was so important that he chose that to be his last words.

Well, look at us now. Nearly three decades of our troops running around Iraq and not a single thing accomplished or gained. Yet there is no movement in the streets to end this. Iraq has been a failure. It has been a monumental failure. We have got nothing to show for any of it, except for the loss of too many lives. It is a national disgrace. The whole thing makes me sick. It is time to get out of the Middle-East entirely and let the chips fall where they may. Time to rebuild America or at least, that is what I thought this populist movement was about.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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