Why John McCain is Bad for Politics

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Why John McCain is Bad for Politics is a subject I could write a book on, but instead I’ll limit it to a blog. I can think of so many reasons why Senator McCain should go off into the sunset and release America from his yoke. I could educate an entirely new generation about the Keaton Five, but why bother? The Millennials don’t seem to have a taste for recent current events or facts for that matter. I could point to his blame alongside Mitt Romney for giving us eight years of Obama, but that is water under the bridge now. I could write about the Senator’s curse he gave us called Citizens United and how that damaged America in a profound way. I could go on and on about the horrible effect this man has had on our nation’s politics and our country as a whole, but I need to focus.

The main reason I want this man to go is because of how he personally destroyed our politics and is to blame for the current gridlock. We are stuck in a perpetual cycle of never-ending gridlock because of John McCain. It was his championing of getting rid of “earmarks” that destroyed our nation and made it almost impossible to get things done. Earmarks were the oil that made American Politics run. McCain helped cut off our political grease and as a result, our system froze up. While John was busy chasing down bridges to nowhere in Alaska, he got the whole nation riled up turning “earmarks” into boogiemen.

According to Wikipedia, “In public finance, an earmark is a provision inserted into a (especially congressional) discretionary government spending appropriations bill that directs funds to a specific recipient while circumventing the merit-based or competitive funds allocation process. Discretionary spending, which is set by the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and their various subcommittees, usually through appropriation acts, is an optional part of fiscal policy which differs from mandatory spending for entitlement programs in the federal budget. The term “Earmark” is used in this sense in the United States and South Africa.”

In laymen terms, it was the grease that made our politics run. If an American Politician could bring home to his district, a public works project or some kind of goodie from Washington DC, he made his constituents happy. It showed that they sent this person to Washington and he got something done. They could point to a bridge or library or one of many things a person could come back from congress and help his district with it. More importantly, you could use that goodie as a carrot to convince politicians to cross over party lines and vote for something that they would not normally vote for.

Because of John McCain and his ilk, the grease is gone and the engine is not functioning. The earmark was the grease and the engine is our political system and bipartisanship. This is by far; the most damaging thing Senator John McCain has done to our nation. Since insane people from Arizona keep sending McCain back to congress in perpetuity, all we have left is his self-awareness of his harm to our nation and hope for his retirement. Can someone please turn him on to Shuffleboard and long walks on the beach?

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