Trump Humiliates Morning Joe Again

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Trump Humiliates Morning Joe Again

Trump Humiliates Morning Joe Again. It is not hard to execrate the true beef between President Donald Trump and Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Rarely has one seen someone literally pick the wrong horse and lose so much. There was a time not so long ago where the two rumored copulating hosts had unfettered access to Donald Trump. There was a friendship that was between the three that shined bright on morning TV. In fact, during a brief period in time, the Morning Joe was the subject of abject jealousy from their peers in the mainstream opposition media. The Morning Joe were the ones with the access to the biggest political story in a lifetime. They had Donald Trump in their pocket.

“To Kill the Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs” is an idiom used of an unprofitable action motivated by greed. Joe and Mika must have never been taught this idiom because they became the case study of the modern-day Aesop’s Fable. In a weird twist of events, Joe and Mika turned on the Golden Goose with a The Scorpion and the Frog style betrayal. Their true media nature came out and Joe and Mika revealed to Donald Trump their sting.

Almost like a light switch that was turned on, the two hosts began a non-stop campaign to destroy Donald Trump and his chances of success obtaining the presidency. Day after day, week after week the two morning hosts bore down into the political swamp and took every chance they could to slight Donald Trump. One of the tools or hammers they used to do this, was one particular thing. It was to question Donald Trump’s word. Any Trump supporter who was shaky on Donald would cling on to the fact that Donald said he would pick a Supreme Court Justice from a list put together by conservatives.

This list was created for people who needed something tangible to grasp onto if they were to support the populist. The Republican Conservative establishment put together an ergonomic political list of the most conservative judges they could think of. They handed Trump the list of twenty some odd people and basically said, “If you pick from this list for the Supreme Court, we will support you.” And so, it was, Donald Trump, who was a Democrat not too long before he was handed that list, embraced the conservative dream of turning the court’s ideology in a certain direction.

Donald made that deal with the conservative devils in a brilliant move to gain their backing. Immediately after pulling off this political feat, Joe and Mika started to ask every single guest on their program that supported Donald Trump for any evidence that Donald would keep his word on the list of judges. Day after day, month after month, the morning show hosts would blatantly look every Trump supporter in the face and question whether Donald would ever keep his word and choose a conservative judge for the highest court. They told their guests that there was no evidence Donald trump would ever keep his word and questioned how could they risk so much believing it.

On January 31, 2017 Donald trump kept his word and chose a judge from the conservative’s list. He kept his word. He did what he said he would do. He held his end of the bargain. Donald followed through despite Joe and Mika’s yearlong insistence that he would never keep his word in this regard. The Morning Joe was wrong. The show was wrong about every single thing that had to do with the 2016 presidential race, yet somehow, they are still there on TV. What other profession could someone be that wrong, for that long and still keep their job? Not a single network has changed who and how they cover the new president. They stand steadfast in their intransigent time in political history but our viewership won’t. We will make our own list of political TV shows that cover Presidential Trump fairly and we will pick from that list. We give our word that we will. We will do what we say. Just like our president does.

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