Trump Should Call Emergency Session of Congress

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Trump Should Call Emergency Session of Congress

Trump should call an emergency session of congress to settle this travel ban issue. For eight years many people, including myself, were screaming about Obama and his affinity for executive orders and Czars. Then President Trump gets in and starts writing nonstop executive orders that have already failed. They failed because that is not how our government is supposed to work. Executive orders were supposed to be a tool to tinker around the edges of governing or help with tweaking things. It was not created to be the main stick of power for a president. Have we not learned that without congress, these executive orders are smoke and mirrors for the courts and Father Time? They rise and fall as often as a teenage erection. There is no stability there.

Everyone listening to the oral arguments could hear the politics dripping from the entire proceeding. It was so in your face and obvious, that it felt dirty and icky just listening to it. It was case and point that politics have penetrated our courts beyond acceptable levels. Everyone listening could hear that the federal government’s lawyer was not up to the task. We all heard ah, ah, ah over and over again. I must admit there is not much more annoying than a person who ah ah ah’s you to death. It gives off an air of ignorance and is a bad habit in speech.

I’m sure President Trump and his long history of dealing with lawyers must have realized this guy was bombing. I later found out that the number one guy had to step down due to conflicts of interest with the law firm he was from and that the second guy in line had to step down for the same reason. So, that left the third string to step in and make the argument and we all know how that landed up. Does anyone believe that the Atlanta Falcons would have made it to the Super Bowl with their third string quarterback and not Matt Ryan?

So, what is next? What stands the test of time is bipartisan congressional buy-in. Stop playing around in the sandbox of excessive orders. We don’t need any more of those. I am more concerned about the message we are sending to the bad guys that our president can’t even stop them from coming in.

So here is what President Trump needs to do. Let this temporary ban work its way through the courts or pull the order altogether. Then, call an emergency session of congress. Stand in front of them and the nation and ask for a law that covers all of these concerns the president has about how people come and go to our nation. Tell them he needs the law with lightning speed and then force the congress in front of the whole world to protect our country. Anything short of this concept, that I put forth here, is just tinkering around the edges of the president’s mandate to protect the United States of America. I know it has been a long time, but it is the time we have a president that leads. It is time to engage congress. If not for the safety of our country, then when?

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