Trump Continues War on Weed

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Trump Continues War on Weed

Trump Continues War on Weed as Sean Spicer signals from the White House their intent. Not one single Trump voter voted for Donald Trump for him to go after state’s rights and legal weed, not one. In fact, Donald Trump came out for state’s rights on marijuana before he was ever elected. The Baby Boomer’s generation and War on Drugs apparently will continue. I guess until this generation leaves the Earth once and for all, recreational users of marijuana will have to stomach more of this on the nonsensical and hypocritical attack on cannabis.

It is completely outrageous that the administration has signaled cracking down on pot before any tax cuts are done. The White House starts in on cannabis before repealing Obamacare. Before one foot of the wall is built on the southern border, we get told to look for enforcement of marijuana federal laws. Is that what you voted for?

We were told they would appeal Obamacare on day one, but it never happened. We were told the economy would be priority number one, yet still no tax cuts. We were told they would deregulate the economy right away, but still nothing. Not a single promise of importance has transpired in the first month, yet they signal a war on weed? It looks like the strict conservative agenda and social justice warriors and their insanity is moving forward again, while Trump’s nationalist proclamations are being stalled one by one.

When Sean Spicer was asked at the daily press conference about bathrooms and transgender people, over and over again, he kept parroting “state’s rights, leave it up to the states.” All of this lip service of state’s rights except when it come to weed? All of the states that voted for this, all of the people who have invested money in some business in that industry, now have to fight a war? Is this a priority?

I am not a pot guy. It is not my thing. I do know many people who this is their thing and they are exemplary people for the most part. But I must ask, where is President Trump’s love for state’s rights in this regard? Why is our nationalistic agenda taking a backseat to conservative orthodoxy? The whole thing is spinning out of control and appears disgusting! I challenge you to find a more pro-Trump writer than me with a brain who is not blinded by this or that. I am a Trump supporter asking about state rights.

Conservatism and all of that social crap they bring big government into was voted down overwhelmingly in the Republican Primaries. The people sent 16 conservatives packing and chose a populist and nationalist agenda. That is not what we are getting. I am hoping that the words of Steve Bannon at CPAC wins the day, I really do. I am pulling for that nationalist promise. However, it is clearly not too soon to ask the question. Is President Trump getting rolled by the conservatives?

UPDATE: After the publication of this blog, President Trump signed an excessive order today 2/24/17 mandating every agency and governmental department have a regulatory team to identify and remove regulations that harms the economy and employment. This action fulfills his campaign promise of deregulating government. By pulling this trigger, this one action should transform our nation over time and kick start a period of massive growth.

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