The Good Side of Hacking: The Left Revealed

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The Good Side of Hacking: The Left Revealed

The Good Side of hacking is the Left, revealed by WikiLeaks, unmasks the true nature of liberals and progressives. I’ve written my thoughts on the right and conservatism failures, but it is fascinating watching the Democrat Party and the press make believe the rest of us have not read WikiLeaks. It reminds me of how Hollywood made believe we did not read the Sony Hacks. Say what you want about hacking, but there is a good side to it as well.

Hackers reveal to us the true nature of groups and people who mask their true beliefs and intentions. Hackers pull back the curtain on government and the people on TV or in the movies and show how extraordinarily corrupt they are. They reveal that these people really are a big group of anathematic scamps for the most part. Watching them make believe we don’t know is a case study in social science.

Where are the actors, media people or Democrat Party leaders that have been let go after the world learned their true ways? Debbie Wassermann Schultz is certainly no example; the woman is still in congress. Every anchor on CNN is still on TV spreading their vileness. Even Hollywood still promotes their disgusting actors while executives email each other about how horrible the people are. In the dark corners of their email inboxes lay the written proof of their racism, misogyny, and corruption. Their hypocrisy thunders with every hack released. Thanks to the hackers, over recent years, we have learned that they are the very monsters they accuse the right of being.

Now, of course, there are many exceptions, but it would be accurate to say that people from the left are in fact the bad guys. They are collectively the problem in our nation. They are the most horrible people masking around good intentions and charity functions. They are human bugs that crawl around in their social bubbles completely immune from the real world and its truths that shine around them. They are social and political cockroaches that scurry over the feet of Red Blooded Americans unaware that we can see them. But we can. We do see them, thanks to the hackers.

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and many others are modern day heroes. They are a 21st Century version of Paul Revere that are alerting us the Democrats are coming! The Liberals are coming! The Progressives are coming! Or in other words, my friends, “The Bad People are coming!”


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