Reba McEntire On The View: Entertainers Shouldn’t Talk Politics

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Reba McEntire On The View: Entertainers Shouldn’t Talk Politics! Isn’t that the truth? I’m getting sick and tired of listening to entertainers, who should be entertaining me, filling up my time with their political rampages. I don’t give a damn who you voted for, who you support or what you think about the state of our nation. I watch or listen to you for a vacation from politics and real life. I don’t want to stop watching all of your movies or listening to your music, but if you keep throwing your personal opinions at me then all I will do when your “art” is on is think about your opinion. That ruins it all.

I can tell you that I have gone years boycotting this actor or that actress due to being against their political outbursts. I can’t get into the character you’re trying to portray if all I can think about is how your opinions are 180 degrees from mine. And let us not forget that when celebrities decide that we should listen to their opinions, that it’s not a simply said opinion. No, they go on diatribes and orations of such visceral ugliness that their physical appearance is distorted.

Just picture Ashley Judd when she went off on her monthly cycle and other nasty talk. Yes, Ashley, you ARE a NASTY woman! My Lord! After hearing her ridiculous speech, I know that I could never watch another performance by her and not picture her talking about her bloody panties. Disgusting, Ashley. I bet that wasn’t what she had in mind when she went off on her ugliness, but that’s the result.

I know I’m not the only one. I mean, you don’t have to be a republican or a democrat to be tired of hearing about the other side in such mean ways. Hollywood, can we please stop sharing so much of your personal beliefs? We don’t care.

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