President Donald Trump Travel Ban Court Hearing by Court of Appeals (2/7/17)

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Audio Oral Argument stream from United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Courtroom One in the James R. Browning Court of Appeals Building in San Francisco, California. Immigration Travel Ban court room legal battle over President Trump’s order to block refugees from around the world and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries:
* There has been a flurry of lawsuits as the appeals court decides whether Trump’s immigration ban will be enforced. It currently is not.
* The law backs a president’s power on immigration. Here’s where the travel ban differs.
* Homeland Security secretary: The chaotic rollout of Trump’s travel ban is “all on me.”
* Trump vows to keep fighting for ‘common sense’ travel ban
* The most important lawsuits to watch
* Read Trump’s executive order and legal filings for and against the travel ban

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