America Voted for Trump Not Conservatism

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America Voted for Trump Not Conservatism

America Voted for Trump not conservatism and it would do us all good to remember that. America rejected sixteen flavors of so-called Conservatives in the primaries. Conservatives and their failed ideology were rejected in its entirety by the Republican base. I think because President Trump packed his cabinet with Conservatives it has led to people thinking we are going to get conservatism in the Trump years. Nothing could be further from the truth and that is not what this nation wants.

It should be obvious to anyone looking in that the relationship between Trump and the Conservatives is an alliance of convenience and some shared goals. President Trump no more believes in most stances a Conservative holds any more than the Republican Conservatives believes in health care for all, infrastructure spending or child care for families. President Trump’s embrace of Conservatives in his cabinet was a brilliant Machiavellian move to get things done in Washington DC. The president could not possibly get anything done if he added the entire Republican party to his list of foes. Having the Democrats, Hollywood and the mainstream opposition media against him is hard enough. The man is there only because the people sent him there and we are his only partner in this administration.

Populism, not conservatism, is what the base wants. It is what working people want. Conservatism lost. It wanted less government, we got more. It wanted the destruction of the safety net or new deal, we got a bigger net than ever. Conservatism wanted less government spending, we got more. One measuring stick after the other shows without a shadow of a doubt that conservatism lost. Sure, there are leftovers still clinging to those failed ideals but not enough of them to win a national election. After watching the government print up all of the money for the banks in the 2008 economic crash, Americans are not so interested in a balanced budget over investments in America and jobs. After bailing our the cars companies at the very same time they were knowingly killing us with their deadly airbags does not make regular Americans prioritize corporate tax cuts over cutting taxes for the working man. One conservative mantra after the other is simply not believed anymore by most Republicans. I never thought I’d see another Republican President in my lifetime because they lost five out of six national elections clinging on to conservative nonsense. It was the infusion of populism that got the Republican Party back in power, not anything else. Any other notion attributed to this last election besides that is just plain wrong.

The Conservatives hope they can use President Trump to get their crap through and Trump hopes he can use the Conservatives to get his stuff through. He’s willing to give them some of what they want and in exchange, they sell their souls on government spending and give the president a trillion dollars to build things. It really is that simple and all the other stuff is just decorations. Both sides agree and meet at the intersection of national defense and the military. The domestic stuff will be a chess game behind the president and the congress. If it is your job to report on civics and you are unaware of some of these basic concepts unfolding, it is time for another profession. I won’t hold my breath.

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