Pilot Rants About Donald Trump And Her Divorce After Showing Up Late

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A United Airlines pilot was removed from a plane bound for San Francisco International Airport after a bizarre rant about politics and her divorce. It happened Saturday before United Flight 455 left from Austin, Texas.

The pilot got passengers’ attention when she boarded the plane in her street clothes. “She shows up dressed like a civilian and asks to us to take a vote to see whether she should change into her uniform or fly as is,” said one of the passengers. She then used the plane’s overhead PA system to rant about President Trump and Hillary Clinton — calling them both “a–holes” and then ranting about her divorce. That’s when passengers began tweeting to United to get a new pilot.

“We were a little afraid having someone somewhat unstable flying the plane,” said a passenger. After the pilot was removed, United said in a statement: “We hold our employees to the highest standards and have replaced this pilot with a new one to operate the flight, which has since departed from Austin. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

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