Omarosa Beats Back The Bullies

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Now I gave up watching The View about the time that they fired Nicolle Wallace, so I don’t have much in the way of experience in today’s roundtable. However, I can tell you that Joy Behar is probably one of our nation’s most hateful and angry women I’ve ever seen and Whoopi went from being one of my favorite people to one in whom I completely lost respect. So, I don’t enjoy watching their odious chatter any longer, but Omarosa changed that for me, at least for one day.

I am giving you this video clip to view, not because of Gretchen Carlson, who starts off the video interviews, but about 11 minutes in Omarosa is brought to the table. I love this woman! Her inner strength and no-nonsense attitude is incredibly inspiring to me. To watch her knock Joy down a peg or two gave ME chills!

I realize this is a longer video than I usually post, but if you can do nothing else but go ~11 minutes in and watch the Omarosa portion… you’ll stand up and cheer at the wonderful way that she handles being bullied at the table with the bombardment of fake news talking points and such. At one point it seems three of them are peppering Omarosa with questions about tweets, voter fraud, racism, bigotry, and the like without a chance for her to answer. She not only does she put them in their places but answers with such grace and authority that she truly shuts them up!

I have a feeling they thought they could walk all over her. I have a feeling they thought they could bully her into kowtowing. Did these women not watch the first season of The Apprentice? Apparently, they missed how amazing Omarosa was all those years ago and just how powerful she was back then. Plainly she hasn’t changed a bit! She’s still just as vicious and strong as she has always been. I think President Trump chose wisely with Omarosa and I can’t wait to see what else both her and he can do for our country. It sure as hell will be greater and more productive than what Joy Behar and the crew at The View will do!

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