Turning Off Liberal News Programs

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Turning Off Liberal News Programs

I’m Turning Off Liberal News Programs because they refuse to adapt. One of the most stunning things to view has been the liberal media’s refusal to learn from what has transpired over the last two years. Every day and hour after hour, the well-known liberal political and news shows got the election cycle wrong. They did not just get it wrong, but they got it completely wrong. Nothing they said was right in any measurable way.

Fast forward to today and not a single adjustment was made by these networks. The same faces that were wrong for two straight years are the same sullen faces vomiting their spurious insights today. If anything, they doubled down. Never in my life have I’ve been forced to turn off so many shows around the same time. They simply became unwatchable. They were painfully unwatchable and I am a political latitudinarian.

Let me provide just two examples, but there was so much more than these two. I was a big fan of The Morning Joe for years. I taped the show in my DVR and would watch it around my schedule, including at night if I had to. During this election cycle, I found out that the two hosts started copulating or that was what was being reported by everyone except NBC. The draw to that show was that one host was a Conservative Republican and one was a Liberal Democrat. Now hearing that they were lovers, whether true or not, I watch the show realizing that there is no longer two points of view, but now a blended pillow talk kind of thing, that leaves the viewer uncertain of the host’s true viewpoint. It feels icky.

In addition, their behavior with Trump himself and their ping-pong coverage of him became unbearably unwatchable. So, after many years as a fan, I turned off The Morning Joe. I went back to the show after the election was over looking for a change in the show and there was none. The same recycled stale faces were sitting around the table taking turns being wrong about everything again, while also being interrupted by Joe on a constant basis. Joe’s inability to refrain from interrupting people rose to a level where professional psychiatric care should be called in. In truth, the show should be canceled. If Matt Lauer started humping Katie Couric, I am quite sure the Today Show could not have survived that.

The second example would be This Week on ABC. This one was the biggest disappointment of all the shows I turned off. This Week was a show I watched going back to when I was a kid. For me, it goes back to the David Brinkley days. I know I am just one person and my views here mean nothing to these shows. I do not get the feeling the producers behind these shows care about us. They seem to care more about the liberal ideology. With that being said, the show This Week was already on shaky ground with me because of the chicanery of George Stephanopoulos and how the entire network put all of their eggs in one biased basket. I turned my head to the obvious slant with George and the Clintons or how George hid the fact he was still giving them money until he got caught.

No, what ended my lifelong viewership of This Week, was when they let Donna Brazile back on the air. After CNN threw her off the network for giving the answers to Clinton in the debate, ABC and This Week were the first ones to put her back on the air and tried to normalize her. It made me sick. WikiLeaks revealed to all of us that Donna and many of her peers were corrupt and part of the problem. That one decision of This Week to put Donna back on ended a relationship I had with the show going back decades. It was a bridge too far. It signaled that ABC and their show This Week cared nothing of the truth or the inner corruptions of their industry. I simply turned it off. Before doing so, I listened to the interview to see if Donna would be challenged by Martha Raddatz. The weak questioning made me realize this was an effort to repair Donna’s reputation. I just turned it off. Donna Brazile is a creepy partisan that is corrupt.

The presidential debates are like a job interview for the public. Imagine what an employer would do if, in the middle of the interview, they discovered you had already been given the questions. Would they hire you? Well ABC and This Week would have a spot for you on Sunday morning.

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