The Torch Is Passed

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The Torched Is Passed Speaker Ryan with Trump and Pence

The Torch Is Passed once again. I was hoping among hope that President Trump would not be flowery when giving his first speech as president. I was glad to see he hit the right dark tone that reflects the true reality on the ground and why he was elected president. I also came to realize that we might just have the most beautiful First Lady in the history of our nation. It must be so wild for her. I heard she was only the second First Lady not born here in America.

I hope President Trump never gives up talking to us directly through Twitter. It is refreshing how transparent this man is with the country. I smile every time he burns down some pretentious protocol for this or for that. In the end, the man is a builder. He is a construction guy and people better get ready because this man, along with us, is going to rebuild this nation. Congress has no idea how hard he will push them.

One of the best parts of the day was watching Former President Barack Obama leave in the helicopter. The minute the wheels lifted off the ground, it was like a weight was lifted off our nation simultaneously. Eight years of that man was a ball and chain that half of this nation has been pulling through time. It will take some time and space before we realize Obama’s true legacy.

My first thoughts on it are he was the guy who did it. He was the first black guy to get in the White House and obtain that job. That was his main contribution, just getting there will be his legacy or history. I think the Obama years will be viewed as an era of stagnation, lawlessness and one where very little got done. But just like Richard Nixon, who had one legacy that we all know, he also had another legacy. That legacy was that he opened up China. I think Obama will also have the legacy of being the president that opened up Cuba.

I look to the future with more hope than I have felt in over a decade. The last two presidents put us all on a horrible path. Both parties sold out this nation on a grand scale. Conservatism and liberalism both failed us. The two-party system fed like cattle on the middle class and their future. This populist movement that President Trump brings in is the roar of the forgotten men and women who want to make things right again. It is the voice of a people who want to fix things. It is that obstreperous and crude battle call from the people on the ground with whom I want to associate myself.

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