The Casey Anthony Trial – The Prosecution Of Beauty

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The Casey Anthony Trial – The Prosecution Of Beauty: Follow a dark and cynical journey through the eyes of a mad blogger as C. Rich reveals what he really thought about Casey and her guilt or innocence. Did he just publish all those articles to get a rise out of people or did he really believe in the innocence of Casey Marie Anthony? Was there contact between C. Rich and someone in the inner circle close to Casey Anthony? Did C. Rich have information unknown to the public during the trial? That and all the poetry of madness will be at your fingertips. This compilation book of sardonic thoughts stands alone in all the cacophony that has surrounded The Casey Anthony Case.

C. Rich Wrote:

“Having a personal connection to someone in Orlando and having an editor that was obsessed with the case, it did not take me long to focus in on The Casey Anthony ordeal. This saga had all the elements a writer could dream of. Murder, accidental death, mystery, incest and stunning beauty everywhere begged for a writer to cover all of this.

In the beginning, it was a completely different kind of atmosphere to question the authorities on how the law was being applied to this case. Almost everyone on the streets wanted Casey Anthony to burn. A lynch mob soon appeared in front of the Anthony home and permeated its way through the media and the public. Anyone at the time who questioned what was going on or showed any deference towards Casey was soon vilified and found themselves in the crosshairs of unthinkable public anger. In this dudgeon, there was not one single commentator that dared to speak on behalf of Casey Anthony and the treatment of her by the State of Florida. It was tailor fit for me.

I’ve always been a rebel of sorts and in my life, I have seen people crushed by the law, because they did not have the money to defend themselves. I have an indubitable understanding of how the law is set up not to bolster what the evident truth might be, but rather grind like a machine for its own exorbitant ends. This case was the poster-boy of an out of control government. This case begged for a commentarial balance and for a voice that could open the door to another point of view.

Watching this case unfold and become a voyeuristic smorgasbord was something to behold. Casey Anthony became the most exposed human being I have ever seen. Everything from her inner thoughts about her pubic hairs to her loneliness and horniness in jail was served up for public consumption. I’ve never seen anything like it. I wondered how on Earth we could possibly know this much about someone who was in jail. How did we know more about every movement of Casey Anthony in the jailhouse, than we knew about the coming and goings of Charles Manson while he has been locked up? The answer was not hard to find.

The Casey Anthony Trial - Prosecution of BeautyMuch of this was born out of the dysfunctional laws the State of Florida has in place. The law, in particular, that was used to feed the voyeuristic mob was called The Sunshine Law. It was the bastardization of this law that allowed the public to feed on every morsel of detail of Casey’s incarceration. In truth, the lawmakers who wrote this law had not intended for it to be used this way. The Sunshine Law was the fuel that fed this storyline and made it as big as it got. This was the vehicle that was used to keep everyone interested in a case over the course of three full years. Without that law, I’m not sure the momentum could have stood the test of time.

If anything is learned from all of what has happened, it should be that the lawmakers of Florida need to revisit the so-called Sunshine Law. Follow me on a journey of sardonic thoughts as the whole case unfolds right before my perspicuous eyes. Watch the progression unfold as I reveal what I truly think about Casey Anthony and why I came to that opinion.”

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