Lunatic Fringe of The Left

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Lunatic Fringe of The Left

Lunatic Fringe of The Left overflows with lunacy. The lunatic fringe is a term used to characterize members of a political or social movement as extremists with eccentric or fanatical views. The term was popularized by Theodore Roosevelt, who wrote in 1913 that, “Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe” according to Wikipedia.

If President Trump is anything, he is a reformer. The man was sent there by the American people to clean up the swamp. Well, turn on your TV and see the swamp creatures of Washington in full regalia. The political reptiles are slithering through the partisan muck making absolute fools of themselves. Hollywood, the media, and their Godhead the Democrat Party are in lockstep of denial and madness.

The wild part about the whole thing is most of the people in America agree with these travel restrictions put in by President Trump. In fact, most people would like to see it expanded. How the leftist lunatics are walking around unaware that the people are once again not with them, is delicious to watch. The harder they fight President Trump, the bigger his re-election victory will be. I will never forget their utter shock when George Bush won re-election. It was like, they had no clue what the rest of the country wanted. In this situation, today, they are collectively marching over the political cliff for all to see headed for even a bigger shock.

Watching one of the two parties commit political suicide is an awesome sight to behold. We are in amazing political times. Our politics have never been more fun to watch. Not even, cry me a river, Chuck Schumer seems to be aware of how this all looks. Their cable news channel ratings, their Hollywood award shows and soon to be, some leftist corporate profits are in decline, yet the left does not seem to be able to snap out of this fringe. Red Rider, we need your band now.

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