Lawless Obama Era Comes to End

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Lawless Obama Era Comes to End

Lawless Obama era comes to end on January 20, 2017. If you add the end of the Bush administration and the banking crimes and include the Obama eight years, America has gone through nearly a decade of lawlessness. The complete disregard for the law, the Constitution and holding anyone accountable for anything, has gone on so long, that there are young people in their twenties today who know no other way. Watching Valerie Jarrett and President Barack Obama look into the camera and say they are proud to have presided over no scandals is uproarious.

It would be more accurate and honest to say that the press never reported all the scandals as scandals. The press swept one scandal after the other under the carpet. Their incestuous worship of all things Obama was beyond sickening to watch. I am hard pressed to think of an example of such self-unawareness on such a grand scale as to believe we just went through an era with no scandal. Even Bob Woodward sat on a panel and looked the camera and his peers in the eyes and said if he were a young man again, he’d park his ass right outside the IRS building in Washington DC because that is where a huge scandal is. Bob was just pointing out one major scandal, but there were much more over the years.

When the press found out that Obama was told over and over again, behind the scenes, to stop telling the entire country they can keep their doctor when the ACA becomes law is scandalous alone. Why the press never elevated that clear lie to the level of previous presidential lies like, “Read my lips, no new taxes” or “I never had sexual relations with that woman” is a scandal.

  1. Operation “Fast and Furious” gun-walking program
  2. Benghazi terrorist attack and cover-up
  3. IRS targeting of conservative entities
  4. Department of Justice seizing records of journalists
  5. NSA surveillance of ordinary Americans
  6. Ransom payments to Iran for release of hostages
  7. Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange
  8. Secret Service prostitution scandal
  9. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal
  10. The “Affordable” Healthcare Act
  11. The VA death-list scandal
  12. Solyndra green energy scandal

And that is just Mike Miller’s list at Independent Journal Review.

I can think of many more as well like The Pigford Scandal, Polluting the Colorado River and the ongoing scandal win Flint, Michigan with the water. If George Bush had “Katrina” then “Flint” was the Obama equivalent for sure! They still cannot take a shower in that town! I can go on and on but I think I made my point here. Having Trump usher in a Law and Order kind of era is refreshing. We damn sure know that he knows how to fire people. Interesting how The Press wants to now speak truth to power when it comes to President-elect Trump. Political scamps, the lot of them.

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