Inauguration Day Brings Hope for Great Future

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Inauguration Day Brings Hope for Great Future

Inauguration Day brings hope for a great future for many Americans. Donald Trump’s Inauguration is the first glimmer of hope that many business people have had in a very long time. It is not just business folks, but the working class looking for jobs to return and many walks of life that are now filled with rising hope of a new day. For two years, we all had to sit back and listen to a disconnected press and class of elites be completely unaware. That severed reality still exists today if you turn on the TV or listen to Hollywood and music artists. However, outside of the gates of their ignorance and flat-out hysteria lies a country in wait. A nation, whom half of its people are happy now and looking forward to a new path for all of us.

It is wild to see that these sore losers have no clue of the joy that is bubbling up all around them. As clueless as they were during the election process, they stand today, having no idea how happy half of us are. There is nothing we can do about them corrupting the public airways with their hateful vile. We could not do a thing about it during the election cycle until we got to vote and show all of them how clueless they were. Now the same thing will happen, as we work to rebuild a once great nation. We will build our economy and country back up right under their complaining noses.

Everything on the ground is changing already. Signs of the Trump Effect are all around us. We are about to go on a magic carpet ride. America is going to expand. We are going to grow. The United States will be on a trajectory of many years to come. While Trump distracts them with shiny objects on Twitter, in the shadow of their ire, a nation will be reborn. It is an exciting time to be American. We will be busy fixing many problems that have been left to fester by career politicians and the corrupt elites. Thanks to WikiLeaks, we will never forget who these people complaining about Donald Trump really are. We will turn off our TVs and turn on our radios and gather together in familiar places. We will help Donald Trump rebuild our nation one day at a time. We are a movement.

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