Hooray For Airport Vetting

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Hooray For Airport Vetting even if it is not perfect. At a first glance, the airport vetting looks like a good start. It clearly needs to be beefed up and more countries need to go on the temporary list, but thank goodness, we have a start. Those are the feelings that I and millions of other people feel. However, if you would watch the mainstream opposition press, they seem to think most of us oppose that there is more questioning of people going back and forth from these countries that are troublesome. We do not oppose “any” of this extreme vetting.

Once again, the press is on steroids spitting out falsehoods and leftist propaganda. Let me be crystal clear to the point nobody would mistake what I am saying. I and others agree with extra questioning and vetting at airports of any persons that are coming and going from countries that are a problem in regards to Muslims blowing up the world and killing people. That includes anyone with a Green Card or Natural Born Americans.

When the press says that Green Card holders or Natural Born Citizens should not be affected by this list, they are mistaken. It is the very first exercise to identify people who are Americans but have been radicalized. People born here or with Green Cards, do not get a pass from this extra questioning at the airports for any reason whatsoever. They might be going back and forth to the Middle East for problematic reasons and the first step to determine that is this extra questioning at the airport.

So, because you were born here or have a Green Card does not exempt you from extreme vetting if your lifestyle includes going back and forth from these areas of the world. Your Green Card or birth certificate does not give you the right to walk between the vetting raindrops. The Trump Administration needs to state this clearly and not let the mainstream opposition press create these false narratives and run with it.

Look at the difference of the coverage of the small protests at some airports, small compared to the Pro-Life March recently, and see how the mainstream opposition press framed this issue for the public. The Pro-Life March had more people, by any measuring stick that can be used, than the protest at the airports this weekend, but there was little coverage of it. When you turn on these cable news channels and see looping coverage hour by hour of the people protesting at the airports and you juxtapose that of the much bigger Pro-life crowds that were ignored by the same cable news networks, the bias becomes clear.

The mainstream opposition press is an arm or extension of the Democrat Party documented by WikiLeaks. A ten-year history of the performance of WikiLeaks reveals not a single false word was ever published on their website. Give me one example of any publication that has an accuracy rating of 100% because I would love to see that. So, let us never forget that the mainstream opposition press has already been exposed to be teaming with corruption. The Trump Administration needs to remember this when giving them access to this White House or free reign of false narratives like this weekend with the airports.

Keep up the good work President Trump and clean up this garbage cloaking themselves with the Constitution or the concept of a free press. They are Constitutional trash rotting away in the landfill of broken promises. They are media dogs barking outside of the fences of our republic. Let them bark.

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