Why Do We Need A President?

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I’ve heard every single analysis and excuse giving to explain what happened in Massachusetts. Everyone seems to have their opinion on what happened and why. The range between the polar opposites of opinion is typical.

For me, none of this would have happened to you if you just acted like a president. Your lack of leadership has been embarrassing, to say the least. You give more reason to my theory that we don’t even need a president at all. It just seems to be a dog and pony show and the presidency has nothing to do with actual governing. We should tweak our democracy a little and just let the Senate rule and make the decision as a body like they did in the old Roman days.

The American Caesar has become edentulous and an ersatz. All you had to do was to stand up to Congress and lead. Standing up to Republicans on a retreat when they are out of power is the easy stuff. How about some of that with the party that is in charge of Congress?

If you would have led and moved to the center, in the beginning, the Republican Party would have been wiped out. You took a party that was being marginalized down to a regional party in the south and turned it into a party that could take Ted Kennedy’s seat. You empowered them to threaten your Democratic majority this year. You are the blame for this, Sir. This was a political side effect of your weak leadership. You owned most of the responsibility of what happened in Massachusetts, the rest was just window dressing.

I’ll say this again, no way in a million years will you be reelected to office for a second term. Now you just have to pick, would you like your one term presidency to be like George H. Bush or Jimmy Carter? The choice is yours. I question that you’ll even run for a second term when you read the future in the tea leaves in 2012. Most likely you will pull a Chris Dodd and save yourself from the embarrassment.

For me, I see titles like Pope or President as antiquated as Kings and Queens. I know we still have these things in the twenty-first century, but for the life of me, I don’t know why. I know they still have The Queen of England, but she doesn’t run anything in the modern world.

I don’t believe we need a president for anything more than window dressing. The position just seems meaningless to me. It has become a lot of sound and fury, but it signifies nothing but a distraction for the system of self-governance.

The United States Presidency has become the most expensive dog and pony show in the history of the world. In this show, the dogs have fleas and the ponies are ridden by man-children. The tickets cost too much to watch the show and the show ran too long. Time to drop the curtains on this act in our democracy. The show doesn’t actually have to go on. Even on Broadway, they know when enough is enough. Everything has a shelf life.

C. Rich

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