Three Sparks till Another World War

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There are a few elements that are starting to diverge at the same time and spark a domino effect. The first spark would be the fact that Iran has now crossed what is called “The Red Line” and has enough plutonium to have a nuclear bomb. This is the line that the United States and the rest of the world said could never be crossed or allowed to happen. Well with all that said, Iran has the bomb.

The second spark with a timely arrival, was the Israeli election and return to power of Benjamin Netanyahu and his no nonsense way of governing. Make no mistake about it, Netanyahu will not put up with anything from Muslims. He is the toughest leader Israel has had in modern times. This man will simply crush anyone who harms his country. He is a very strong, no nonsense conservative that will respond overwhelmingly against any test thrown at him from the Muslim world. He was only able to return to power because the citizens of Israel simply want to feel safe again.

The third and final spark would be the collapse of the United States economic system. Since there are already a lot of people who believe that  World War II was the only reason we got out of the Great Depression, a self-fulfilling prophetic return to our past could be on the horizon. There are voices out there making the argument that it wasn’t  The War, but “The New Deal” that got us out. However, who knows what shady figure lies in the shadow of our military industrial complex and who behind the surreptitious world of finance would have different motivations for war. If we hit the skids here in America and slide into a depression, how long will modern day Americans stay in a depression knowing a world war could pull us out?

If something jumps off in the middle east on a big scale, it would make it easier to get wrapped all up in it, if it benefits our pockets. If the Americans out of work are looking for something to do, well this could be the perfect storm and the three sparks that set off history. Watch these three things closely.

C. Rich

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