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Watching live the other day President B. Hussein Obama speak at a town hall type of gathering in Fort Myers, FL, I couldn’t  help but noticed how far gone some Americans really are. In the middle of this get together, live on TV, someone handed a note to our President notifying him that the senate just passed their version of the stimulus bill. Obama read the note and then joyously announced to the crowd in Fort Myers that the senate just passed it. The crowd exploded into applause. People stood up clapping uncontrollably and with huge smiles on their faces,  just went into a frenzy of jubilation.

Now I’m sitting here watching this and wondering what the hell is wrong with these people. We just got one step closer to going into another trillion dollars in debt to China and these people are clapping? They are cheering the fact that we are going to throw that kind of debt on America? Then I realized, they are cheering socialism. These are the useful idiots that Vladimir Lenin spoke of in the Soviet Union. Here they were staring back at me, through my television, Obama’s useful American Idiots. The President used this event at the moment to Stimulate Socialism. He went on a lexical wordsmithing tirade talking down to his collective idiots promoting all of his socialist ideas on what he wants to do with the money.

Now watching the President’s kinetics and being aware of the hypnosis techniques that he uses when he publicly speaks, I wondered what will become of my precious country. Having no capitalist anecdote in the form of a national politician to contest this, I am so afraid for this country and it’s future. Now  I realized that this was a staged event and we all learned from Hillary Clinton that these people will put ringers in these events to ask the questions the politicians want. However, if they slipped something like that in, for the most part this was a willing house full of socialist accomplices.

Watching some old, black woman tell our President that she was grateful for the free car and food stamps she got from public assistance, but that what she really needed was her own kitchen to cook it in. I stood up and asked “Did she just ask for a house?” Well the President gave her a kiss and told her to get with his staff afterwards and he’ll see what he could do. Before the sunset that day she was offered a free concrete block home in LaBelle, FL, thirty miles east of Fort Myers. Still no word whether she’s accepted the house. Maybe she meant she wanted a free house in Fort Myers, FL and not one in another town.

I’ll just ask my readers to update me on that one. Watching all of this collectivism in full swing sweeping across my country is a heartbreak for me. I am asking my fellow Americans who have my same point of view to speak out everywhere on all this. To become engaged until we can find a national voice to combat what is happening to America. Just speak out!

C. Rich

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