Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Shop at Walmart

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Rush Limbaugh spent a large portion of his show yesterday touting the grand, wonderful world of life with Walmart. He was going on and on about what a wonderful company Walmart is. He even said that Walmart is the best friend we, as Americans, have.

The large retail chain is certainly an American success story with it’s seven thousand stores all over the world. Employing over two million people is nothing to sneeze at and in these economic times, those are some safe jobs for sure. As money gets tighter and tighter, no doubt that company is standing on solid ground. The worse the economy does, the better they do. They’re not the only ones.

McDonald’s, with their dollar menu, is poised to do well the deeper this recession gets. McDonald’s even has plans to open another seven hundred restaurants in the near future. As far as Walmart, I don’t know the order or sequence of events or how they became the enemy of the left and the poster boy of the right. I have my ideas about how that started, but how is it a credible source of Walmart greatness when it comes from Rush Limbaugh?

I mean honestly, the man admits he’s never walked in the door of one, so how could he be the bellwether of Walmart greatness? It’s not too much to ask from someone who very often talks about the wonderful world of Walmart, to actually know what the place looks like inside. It would boost his credibility on the subject.I mean I love Rush but his lack of insight on this common American experience is just another reminder that when it comes to understanding working class people, he should stay away from the subject.

My experience with Walmart has been a little different than the Utopian ecstasy that Rush often laments. One came to my town a few years back. After a couple years in the community, all of the surrounding subdivisions and communities were sent a letter that we now needed to obtain flood insurance. Of course not being in a flood zone, we all wondered why we needed flood insurance. I personally got a letter from the bank that holds my mortgage stating that I had a certain amount of days to obtain flood insurance or they were calling in the note for the loan. I called and asked what this was about. I explained that the laws of physics prohibit my home or even my neighborhood from flooding. Having  the laws of physics on my side and armed with the impossibility of such an event even happening, I felt safe making the call to straighten out this misunderstanding.

Incredulously, I stood there in shock holding the phone while I was being told that the laws of physics is irrelevant, because when Walmart came to my area they brought in a lot of sand. So now I need flood insurance that will cost me around one thousand dollars per year. I then explained that Walmart was almost four miles from my front door and there’s a huge hill in between that store and my entire neighborhood. Still, common sense be damned. They told me that FEMA came through and rewrote the local flood map zones after Walmart came to our town. The fact that these new maps had nothing to do with reality or even matched the local government’s flood maps was some afterthought I’d need not bother with. The only way out of this is to fight the federal government and FEMA to make them take it back. I was told this happens over and over again all over the country and not one post-Walmart flood map has ever been overturned.

So now I have flood insurance that I don’t need and the cost of this over the length of my loan is astronomical, but hey Rush tells me Walmart is the best friend that I have. So I guess that must be true, if he said it. I mean, after all, the President of the United States personally engages him, so he must be an important person.

Maybe Rush should consider all of those products he sells being sold at Walmart? Maybe then he’d walk into the front doors of one of them? Rush is my conservative battleship and I love him and what he has done for conservatism, however we don’t see eye to eye all the time.He doesn’t want robots but free thinkers.

C. Rich

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