Perfect Time for “The Fair Tax”

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With the American economy in a free fall and nothing but socialist solutions are on the table or even being considered, wouldn’t this be the perfect time to do an experiment? Every economist on the left and right has said that nothing will get any better for this year, 2009. Not one single economist is saying we “will” turn this around this year.

Since both sides have surrendered to defeat and have written off this entire year, why not try “The Fair Tax?” If we are screwed anyway, why not  try something bold? For one year, a year that’s shot anyway, try “The Fair Tax” and see if it works and sets off the American economy. If it doesn’t spark the financial world, bring money home to the US, bring jobs back to the homeland, bring the manufacturing base back to America and increase revenue to the treasury, then end it after a year.

Would you rather borrow another trillion dollars from China or try something new ourselves and see if we, as Americans, can do it on our own, instead of going to Asia with our tin cup in hand. How about a collective cry for some self respect here? Here’s the rub. The government is telling you that only “they” can fix it. This is a lie. A complete factual holocaust espoused as evident truth. There are other things we can try outside of borrowing trillions of dollars. If you don’t want to try “The Fair Tax” then use Ireland’s model.

They didn’t create “The Irish Miracle” by borrowing money. They cut taxes to almost nothing. Now it’s called a miracle. It’s no miracle, it’s common sense. The only miracle is finding politicians to give up some power to the people. My point is that our own government has given up on an entire year of America’s economic growth. With that defeatist’s outlook, we have nothing to lose from boldness. Nothing at all. Nothing except entrenched government power to use the tax code to manipulate the population.

The president stands there in the middle of the Caterpillar plant telling everyone that borrowing a trillion dollars is going to let Caterpillar rehire some of the people they just laid off. Then afterwards the head of Caterpillar says not only is that not true, he’ll still have to keep laying more people off. Now who are you going to believe? Why doesn’t it bother you that your new president just got caught in a lie?

The discussion of true government reform ended when Sarah Palin went back to Alaska. A real reformist is needed here. A new way of looking at things would be refreshing. Like Pol Pot’s killing fields in Cambodia, the United States tax code has laid waste to man’s hopes and dreams. It is a killing field of personal liberty and freedom itself.

Our new president said if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Well, putting lipstick on “The New Deal” doesn’t change the fact that there is nothing new about the way our president thinks and no mental masturbation will bring us relief in this upcoming year. So now that they are talking about another stimulus bill that could be two trillion this time, why not try ” The Fair Tax?”

C. Rich

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