Obama’s Biggest Problem: The Democrat Party

In General

Could you imagine? President Obama might have really thought he could bring a new tone to Washington DC. Let’s put aside the fact that his views are swamped with already failed concepts. Let’s put aside for a moment that he is a socialist, whether he knows it or not, whether half of America knows it or not. Let’s put aside his comment to Joe The Plumber. Our president just might have been that dreamy idealist who got carried in to office on a magic carpet ride pushed by the perfect storm. However, now he is in Washington and people are asking “what happened?”

Just watching his ascension was mind boggling to both sides. Hey, I, C. Rich, admit that was so amazing. It was so incredible to see a novice destroy the Clinton machine and dismantle every hurdle thrown at him. I acknowledge that was political history and brilliance, but why has it fallen apart so quickly? Why has the first couple weeks made it a field day for me to take him apart? Well, the answer is simple. The Democrat Party. I bet he never even thought about them being a problem.

You see, what he probably wanted was a bi-partisan bill directed towards stimulating the economy only. The problem started when he let those same old democrats write the bill. It was a depraved orgy for those government whores. Here they had a democrat president who was a novice and knew little about the ways of Washington and they could go to town on all their long desired, disgusting fantasies and programs. It was a disaster. They filled the bill up with so much left-wing pork that not even a Muslim could get a thousand feet near it. It stunk that bad. Now he’s put in the position of defending his party and all of their barbaric ways and thoughts. I mean what could he do? These were the people who worshipped him and got him this job. What a juggling act this must be.

The truth is that the only way he will succeed, is if he stands up to his own party. He just might have to veto a bill written by his own ilk. Now that would be incredible. To watch him join forces with the republicans and work side by side with them in an effort to do the right thing for America. Now wouldn’t that be special? The democratic congress will define this man and I mean quick, if he doesn’t grow a set. An anomalistic spine is required here and let’s face it, that’s a lot to ask. He must “know” all this crap in this stimulus bill is not stimulus. How could he not? However, what to do? How to handle these out of control, drunk on power malcontents, is a job for Solomon himself.

The truth is, if he does not stand up to his own party, he is done and America’s recession will be prolonged. I wish they never spent a single dollar on stimulus and let this free market correct itself, but that argument seems lost. Now all that is left is how they spend the money and how our grandchildren’s debt will be shaped. A lot of this is generational. He is the first non-baby-boomer surrounded by this generation that has destroyed so much. He filled his administration with these sick people and he is being controlled by their aspirations. Pelosi and Reid will be the death of him.

Please listen. Mark this day on the calender. The day I told you this, if he doesn’t break away from his self diluted obligation to these people, he is done. “His presidency won’t be special.”  They have influenced him to go back on so many promises already, no lobbyists working for him, new tone and all the things he keeps bending his principles for. Obama’s biggest problem is the Democrat Party and it’s almost impossible for him to reverse course. Think about all the people he’s tried to give jobs to, only to be burned by their dirty ways and embarrassed by their lack of character.

For me, I hope Obama and all of them eat themselves alive and give rise to the next Ronald Reagan.

C. Rich

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