Obama: The War President

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President B. Hussein Obama, America’s wartime president, has ordered a “surge” in our troop presence in Afghanistan. Commander and Chief Obama wants more war with Muslims on the other side of the world. The massive escalation of the Afghan war will no doubt mean more American soldiers killed. However, the blood thirsty Democrat Party wants their own war and a blood bath they can call their own. Not since Bosnia has the Democrat Party been at the helm of the Air Force bombers and Naval bombing apparatus. They wasted no time ordering the escalation to the Afghan war and sending more American troops into harm in Afghanistan.

Democrats want war and more war is what they are going to get. Even before they could come up with an “exit strategy,” they made their intentions known. Even no plan to win the war in sight and no “exit strategy,” will not stop our Commander and Chief from getting his hands dirty with the military-industrial complex.

This is Obama’s war. Sadly, the President never went in front of Congress for a full debate about the “surge” and never even had a heart to heart with the American people. Have you ever seen any President get neck deep into war so fast? Rumors have it that some of the troops who voted for him thought he was against war. They were left in utter shock to find out Obama ordered an escalation of the Afghan war. Where is the money coming from to pay for more war? We are nearly broke and teetering on economic destruction, but a democrat President wants more war. We’ll just have to borrow more money from China or not put the money on the books, like Bush, and make believe that the cost of escalation of war is not in our budget. It’s some kind of accounting trick Obama was once against.

We as Americans should start demanding that this escalation of war is brought before Congress for a full debate. We must have answers on an “exit strategy” before we go further. We must have an accounting of how to pay for this! Will our new President consider not escalating the war and give peace a chance? Can’t we just sit down with the Taliban? All I know is the last two democrat Presidents have waged war against Muslims on the other side of the world. We must demand an “exit strategy” and a full debate in front of Congress on this escalation and how to pay for it!

C. Rich

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