Obama Administration Silences Human Rights Groups

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Nothing silences the way out, left wing, protesting fringe groups like a democrat presidency. Oh yeah, these obstreperous groups protesting everything under the sun seem to go back under the rock they crawled out from when there is a democrat in office. We all remember the thundering silence from anti-war groups when it was President Clinton blowing the arms off little babies with his Nintendo War from the sky over Bosnia. Blowing  up aspirin factories in the middle of the night never mustered up any mainstream orchestrated protests.

The newest show of this steaming crock pot of hypocrisy is Hillary Clinton’s trip to China. Where are all the boisterous, in your face demands from the human rights groups demanding that Hillary and the Obama administration stand up to China and shame them for their lack of human rights? I certainly heard them loud and clear over the last eight years under President Bush. They went crazy out of their minds when President Bush decided to go to the opening day of the Olympics. While Bush was doing a juggling act between trade with China and our concern for human rights, the protests backed by the media wouldn’t shut up about how we needed to call China out on the carpet.

When it’s the Democrat Party that has to deal with the practical application of reality in a global market, the wolves stop howling at the moon. The lunatics go on some self imposed sabbatical. The thundering silence has returned. Funny how that works out this way every time. Just the pure presence of the Obama administration silences these scoundrels into the headlock of hypocrisy. The metathesis of the White House dictates the volume and validity of the protesters and renders their intentions obsolete. I’m sure you’ll hear a little something, but nothing on the scale if it were a republican going abroad.

Gay activist groups go crazy over marriage when it is a religious, republican president against their dreams. However, when it is a religious, democrat president who opposes gay marriage, well, the protest goes limp. Even religion itself and their disdain for it falls silent on their echoes when it is a democrat walking out of a church with a bible in their hand. Faith based programs are railed against when it was Bush coming up with  the idea. Now that President B. Hussein Obama has not only kept that program, but looks to use it as a vehicle to get money to ACORN by admitting secular entities in this program. The crock pot simmers on.

What is the Obama administration going to do about speaking out against  the Muslim world and their treatment of  women? Our last first lady spoke out for human rights for women in Afghanistan and in the Muslim world. Where is the voice from American democratic women on the subject of human rights for women in the Muslim world? That’s one protest I wouldn’t want to see silenced. Come on ladies, speak up! You are democrat woman, hear you roar! Or maybe not? After all there is a democrat in the White House now. Shouldn’t you feel free to protest? Or do you not see that you lose that platform when a democrat is in office?

Where’s the protest on the streets as a democrat president escalates the Afghan war? Your democrat president is going to send a lot more troops to Afghanistan and more of our soldiers are going to get killed. Do you not care about war anymore? No, you have been silenced. The actual foundation of your beliefs have been exposed for the BS that  it is and now you go back under that rock. Enjoy the shade and the shadow that rocks throws and don’t worry someone will take protesters seriously again one day, when a republican returns to the White House. Your “protest derangement syndrome” only flares up in certain American electoral cycles, but I’m sure it’s a real condition.

C. Rich

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