Illegal Aliens Get the Mortgage Bailout

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How many people did Freddie and Fannie put through their bundling scheme that were not American citizens? How many of the people that we are bailing out are illegal aliens who are here fraudulently? Is there even one?

If we don’t demand the answer to that question and fast, we could be stuck with paying people’s mortgages who shouldn’t even own a home here. Not foreign investors, but Mexicans who live and work here against American laws. Now ask yourself, “Do you want to bailout these people with your tax money?”

We must of course be humane with these folks and this national problem. America’s immigration policy towards Mexicans is flawed in many ways and does not coincide with my Catholic morals. However, does that mean we go all the way to paying their mortgages? I’d be willing to bet a dollar to a donut that there are a lot of these people in this bailout umbrella. Whenever the Democrat Party says there are forty-five million people here in the US without health insurance, they never tell you the government agency and stats they are using, includes tens of millions of illegal aliens. They never mention that part of the statistic.

How do I know a lot of those people are also in the pool of recipients to receive federal tax payer money to pay there mortgage? I’ll bet I’m right. Just think about how wrong that is to ask us to pay for that. Paying your neighbors’ mortgage is bad enough but paying the mortgages of illegal Mexicans who shouldn’t be here, throws a whole new twist on “The Sealing of the Borders” debate.  Now do you want to seal the borders?

C. Rich

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