Gov. Charlie “Tin Cup” Crist – Meet the Press Interview

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There was the proud, suntanned and white toothed Governor of Florida sitting there with his shiny, polished tin cup in hand begging for his piece of the stimulus pie. Meet the Press for the moment should have been called Meet the Beggar, at a time when the Republican Party has finally found their principles and finally drew a line in the sand against the socialist direction America is headed.

At a crucial point in unity, there was the wrinkle-free Governor of Florida standing side by side with President B. Hussein Obama cheer-leading for socialism. Now the important thing to remember is that when Crist surrendered his principles, he had no idea what was in the bill. Not he nor anyone else had read it yet and there was no way of knowing what long term harm was in the bill for Floridians. All Mr. White Smile knew was there was some money he could leech onto.

In the Meet the Press episode on Feb. 21th, 2009, he was paired against another republican Governor with the opposite point of view. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was also on the show with a thoughtful explanation on why he didn’t want to take the money or if he did, only some of it that wouldn’t hurt Louisiana with long term federal strings attached to it. Jindal accurately read the bill and waited to even have a stance of support of it until he knew what was in it. The shameful thing that was uncovered by both of their appearances was the fact that even knowing Crist knew he’d be on the show, he never took the time to read it, all week before his appearance.

What was revealed masterfully by David Gregory was the contrast between two republican governors. One polished and tailor made to play politician, but an embarrassing empty suit of vacuousness. The other not concerned with image, but details, and the smarts to run a state. Governor Crist showed himself to be another government whore with no intelligent understanding of the big picture. Jindal showed the country how thoughtful and indubitable of a politician he really is and unveiled the future of the republican party if they want to go in the direction of substance.

Charlie Crist is just another one of those politicians who would sell his soul just to play the part. Charlie, read the bill before you take the money. It’s the least you can do for the people of your state. Next time a reporter asks you, “Who is the leader of the republican party,” don’t use the time to tell the world how great Obama is. Any future national aspirations you had for a grand career, will have to be found in the Democratic caucus where you belong, sir.  We know who you are now, Mr. Governor. We don’t need to know anything more about you. Go back to your tanning booth, Charlie.

C. Rich

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