The Era of Big Government is Over

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I remember Bill Clinton saying those words at a State of the Union speech. Oh yeah, all of the people in the chamber stood up and applauded. The place roared. It was thunderous!  Big government is over! Now fast forward some years and ask yourself, what happen here?

Now we have a president who unabashedly says in public over and over, “Only government can fix this. Government is the only entity left to help.”  President B. Hussein Obama said in his first presidential press conference, that anyone who thinks government shouldn’t do anything is not someone he would listen to. He won’t even consider the theory of doing nothing. Now that is something else. That, my friends, is a long way from Bill Clinton’s declaration.

Of course government should throw some money towards America’s safety net. Unemployment, food stamps and other safety net items could be addressed in the regular yearly budget. I mean capitalist are not animals, we understand the importance of such programs. However, that’s an ocean of difference from this stimulus plan that was just passed by the senate, by the same usual republican turncoats.

To put us in another trillion dollars in debt ,while complaining that you were left a trillion dollars of debt, and using that as some spring board to borrow another trillion dollars from China so we can buy more Chinese products is some bizarre schizophrenic mental merry-go-round. Only Washington could pull off such a common sense titantical voyage in utter madness.

I want a president that says “only” the people can do this. I want a president who says he’ll get government out of the way. That he’ll get taxes out of the way. That he’ll get regulation out of the way of business so we, as a free people, can crawl our way out of it. Instead, we got this insane theory, proven to be wrong by history, that we can spend our way out of this mess. The reason why they have to know this stimulus plan won’t work is because the economic history books of the world shows it has never worked. Let me repeat that. It has never worked. Never. What part about “never’ is not understood here? They know this, but, because President Bush and the republicans went stark raving mad with spending and the expansion of government, there is no more dissenting voice that has credibility.

Who are they to say a word about this when they started this insanity. Who on earth is gonna tell the people that the sky is falling. Chicken Little will be served up with buffalo sauce and a side of celery and blue cheese. We unleashed a lion here. We unleashed a sleeping giant. The giant is a democrat president backed by a democratic controlled congress, on a you did it too, spending bonanza! The sky is now the limit.

This is just the beginning. It is one thing to self proclaim that we as republicans lost our way. It’s another thing to acknowledge that the rippling affect of your depravity has sparked all of this and leads us down the complete and utter demolition of a free society. Who’s going to stop these people now?

In the last 90 days or so, the government has just borrowed two trillion dollars for God knows what and they haven’t even gotten to their regular yearly budget yet. How many people understand that all this debt is not the budget. It’s all outside the budget and the regular costs of running the United States of America. All of this is governmental gravy poured over the main course that hasn’t even come yet. They got the gravy before the meal.

Guess what? They’ll be back for more! Who, pray tell, is going to stop them? Republicans? People don’t even want to hear that word after the last eight years? They’re powerless anyway. They spent themselves right out of power. So who else is going to stop the democratic party from borrowing more and more money from China? Well, I guess the answer to that will be China.

They’ll stop it one day when they say “enough!”  Then what, America? Then what? Well, I, for one hope that when that day of reckoning comes and it all falls apart, that we “create” one more law. Only one will be needed. The legal and sanctioned public execution by hanging of every government whore that destroyed America and it’s future. I hope that this new law will be carried out on the capital steps publicly televised while we all sit around eating Chinese food!

To hell with all of them!

C. Rich

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