Bobby Jindal is Not the Guy

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It’s time for some straight talk to conservatives and republicans. Time for some onerous truth about the prospect of it being Bobby Jindal and he being the one to take us out of exile. No one has been a bigger fan of the Governor of Louisiana than I. However, watching him do the republican response after the President’s address to Congress made me come to the heartbreaking truth that this man could never beat Obama in 2012. If we don’t realize that, then we must get prepared for eight years of Obama and socialism.

As smart as Bobby is and all the reasons why we love him, he could never go head to head with Obama and compete against the President’s superior communication skills. Unfortunately, substance is not king. Just as important nowadays, is the ability to speak and inspire people, at this time we need a master communicator to run against Obama that is in the same league. This time around it will take nothing short of one of our best orators. In my lifetime, the two best public speakers I’ve ever seen were Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. Even today’s President is not in the league of those two. However, he’s damned close and we have to match that.

Nothing short of an exorbitant fugleman will beat Obama and that is the real truth here. We need a conservative politician who can stand in front of America, stand side by side with Obama and thunder down his or her grandiloquent omniscience and make it arduous for their opponent to apperceive the axiomatic reality of their political lexicon. In other words, we need a great public speaker! Without this, we lose!

Any blind loyalty to Jindal or any effort to back him to take the presidency on in 2012, will be wasted time. Bobby is just not the guy that will beat the “chosen one.” We need to keep looking and find what we need here. No gadarene support should be wasted on any leader in the Republican Party unless that person can do “one” thing. The only thing that counts this time, win! We simply need someone who can beat Obama. Everything else is secondary. Socialism will have eight years to prosper unless we can defeat this President. Sorry Governor, we need to keep looking.

C. Rich

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