The Baby Boomers Have Ranked Every American President

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With breathless anticipation and baited breath the world finally has been given the order and rankings of American Presidents. Yes, the baby boomers have thought it out and now know how to rank every American President and place their importance in history according to “their perception” of history. I know. I know. We have been waiting for a long time. We just couldn’t be sure of the importance of each and every President without the unclouded and unbiased views of the aging American baby boomers. I’m sure that with their omniscient view of America and their Presidents, there could be no mistake that only ‘they’ could give such an unbiased way of looking at history.

I’m sure JFK would never be on top of their list, with the very little time he was “actually” an American President. I mean that would be the total “unveiling” of any prejudice they might have and there’s no way they would do that. They want to be considered credible. Oh wait… It seems that the baby boomers of America have in fact included JFK on the top of the list and have surrendered any credibility on the rankings. Do they believe that people in the past fifty years, before they were born, would have agreed with their countdown pre-JFK? Or does the “left” need their “Reagan.”

You see, Ronald Reagan will make it high on the list of future American Presidents with American historians yet to be born. However, when the baby boomers leave the Earth completely, no one of the future, in their right mind, would put Kennedy so far up that list. This will only exist in baby boomers minds and every history book they could get their hands on. When they are all dead, America, history itself, will self adjust without their delusions and political correctness.

No historian, one hundred years from now, will ever care what it meant to have a first lady dress so nicely. It won’t be hidden from future historians that John F. Kennedy was a President on drugs and in his little time as President, slain more vagina than any President in the history of the White House. No, none of them will be clouded by some self deluded sense of kinship from the sixties like baby boomers. It won’t even register on the psyche’s of these historians that JFK’s adultery was something to be protected.

It’s almost like baby boomers believe if they keep saying this great stuff about JFK, all the other stuff like “reality” will be missed by future writers of history. By putting JFK so far up the list of the greatest presidents, they only unveil the clouded mind set of this generation and the total denial that their generation ever produced a single American President worthy of a top ten list. It is so stereotypical of this generation to make a list like that. They are incapable of coming to terms with their vacuousness. The rippling effects of their inner failures have an everlasting wave that will last for many generations to come, but will be gone from the hearts and minds of future American historians.

Even the history books written by baby boomers will have to be redone. All that political correctness will have to be purged from reality. Christopher Columbus being such a bad guy bringing disease here, General Washington being a slave owner, even Andrew Jackson will have to be rewritten as not to make him the big Indian killer he was. All those negative aspects of our early Presidents that should be included, but not given such importance or prominence as to drive out the real historic nature of these men and others.

Putting Bill Clinton so high up the list dismisses any claim of objectivity. For goodness’ sakes, the man was impeached, to put one of their perverts on the top half of the list, makes my case. It is utterly insane to conclude that President Clinton running around the White House receiving oral sex from some young intern, violating the sacred walls of the historical Oval Office by placing cigars in untold places in such an unseemly manner, brings in to question once again the meaning of the word “is” and what “is” means.

C. Rich

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