Whoopi, Oprah and the Governor

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In an old fashion street interview, Geraldo Rivera caught Governor Blagojevich sitting in his car trying to take off and avoid an on-camera interview with Fox News. Geraldo nearly dragged the embattled governor out of his car onto the streets of New York in an attempt to make Governor Blagojevich answer some pointed questions about his legal problems. Once out of the car the Governor was very forthcoming to some direct questions by the old pro. Geraldo only having a few minutes before the Governor’s handlers swept him away, nailed the governor with some straight forward questions.

In this street side chat the Governor of Illinois revealed that his office was seriously considering Oprah Winfrey for the United States Senate seat vacated by Barrack Obama. He didn’t know whether Oprah wanted the job or whether or not she would even take his call. His staff went through a series of scenarios on how they would make this happen. Oprah hearing of this later in the day said she thought she would be a good United States Senator, however, she was not interested.

After the Governor got in his car and left, Geraldo ran into Whoopi Goldberg of The View and had an interesting discussion on the Governor’s fate with all of this trouble. Both “Icons of American Media” agreed that there was something seriously wrong with the fact that this man was not being allowed to defend himself in any way with the impeachment trial. Whoopi spoke sarcastically on how she never read that kind of stuff in school when she was growing up and is always shocked when she hears that some people apparently are not afforded the legal protection of the constitution or how some people are not protected by the thought of how people are innocent until proven guilty.

Slowly but surely whatever people think of Governor Blagojevich, they are starting to get the opinion that something is rotten in Denmark here with all of this and it may or may not just be the Governor.

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