What If: Iraq

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The world is full of “what ifs” and it is no way to go through life. However, many times in the past I have just done that. I wondered what the world would have looked like if when we fished Saddam Hussein out of that spider hole and killed his nefarious sons, we just left. If we would have just taken down the government of Afghanistan and removed Saddam and went home, instead of this nation-building thing that we got bogged down with and makes us look weaker.  How powerful would it have been if we just took out Saddam and left? No doubt the next strong man in that country would have kept that in the back of his mind while he took control of that mess. Just the image of pulling Saddam out of that hole would have been enough to keep the next guy in line.

It was nation building that defined Bush, not the war. This notion of rebuilding a nation of any kind must be put in the ash bin of America’s history. If we’ve learned anything, it is that we can’t build nations at the point of a gun or from deep in our desirous minds. The fact that Osama bin Laden is still enjoying oxygen is a national disgrace. If you would have asked me back then, while Bush stood on that rubble with the bullhorn, if we would have killed bin Laden by now, I would have said, “Of course.”  Now it’s so embarrassing, that we never even really mention his name out loud. We just pretty much ignore him.

Just think about it. The guy who really dropped those skyscrapers in the middle of New York City is still out there walking around. He is still out there. He did it. He’s the one. The man that killed thousands of our people is still out there. So, let me say his name out loud. Let me say the unspoken. Let me point out the biggest national failure in generations, ” Osama bin Laden.”

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