Rush Limbaugh Under Attack

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The press has thrown down the gauntlet and has turned their sights on America’s self proclaimed anchorman. The Doctor of Democracy himself is under attack from the mainstream press. Normally that is nothing new, however, this time it is for all the marbles.  A systematic effort has begun to dismantle the half of a billion dollar empire Rush has built over the last twenty years. The mainstream press has started to lay out a template in which Rush will be the enemy and taking him off the air will be the goal. Trust me, Rush is a big boy and can fight his own battles, but this time with the specter of “The Fairness Doctrine” hovering over his head, he will need our support.

Rush Limbaugh has been one of the greatest voices out there in the political arena for conservatives. Even now with many of the mainstream conservatives capitulating to the “let’s get along crowd”, Rush has stood his ground on conservative principles and has not wavered. Rush is concerned about the effusive mass group thinking that has taken over our country in this worship Obama thing. It is frightening to a lot of us who watch people follow the president down this socialist path. A path that former President Bush started us down on. That being said, the opposition’s voices will now get a little louder from conservatives. They felt uncomfortable going against this path, when it was one of their own who started this slide. Now that the new president wants to continue down this path at warp speed, it is the conservatives that will build this barbican to protect capitalism and free market forces.

The press used a spurious storyline in which they reported that Rush said he didn’t want Obama to succeed. They omitted the entire overall thought he was putting out and they did this with measured purpose.  Rush said if President Obama went down a socialist path he wants him to fail. If he made more Reagan-like moves in his governance, he wanted him to succeed. Of course MSNBC left that out when Chris Matthews started this storyline. A complete distortion of the facts and a sign this battle has begun.

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