President B. Hussein Obama and His Words

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If one took the time to listen to the president’s words and decipher them, one could realize the totality of his argument. President B. Hussein Obama said that the tired old argument of big government vs. small government is over. He said it’s now whether government works or not. That should be the measure, he is saying.  Well excuse me Mr. President, but I will not accept your premise or allow you to reshape the debate. What you’re saying is that because the government is so big, we must live with it and make it work. I don’t think so, sir.

The big vs. small government argument is timeless and never outdated. I will not accept your concept nor will I abandon my principles to do it. It’s never too late to trim back government or even have a prodigious scale down. It’s even more timely to do it when the leader of the free world is spouting out that friable mental garbage. This man is the biggest threat to individual liberty I have seen in a politician in my lifetime. He truly believes in his heart of hearts that government trumps individuality. He doesn’t like the cold hard reality of rugged freedom.  The entire winners and losers scenario truly offends these kinds of people to their very core. Their good intentions are an abomination to common sense and free loving people everywhere.

I don’t understand why there isn’t a mass exodus to Europe, the way these people feel. Instead, they want to turn us down that failed path. Make our country some roadkill on the highway of utopia. This mindset at the moment is prevailing and God help us, omnipresent. Very soon I will take some time to construct my batman-like skylight, which will shine a great big letter ”C” in the night sky.  At that time our next superhero conservative will enter the national political stage and take these people on. Until then throw out of office any politician who claims to be conservative and does not engage this movement and fight their ideas.

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