Obama: The Divider Not the Uniter

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Welcome to partisanship. President B. Hussein Obama rode into town on a wave of change and found out the campaign is over. The axiomatic reality of the two party system has unveiled this naive campaign slogan that he sold to the ignorant and learned alike. In a rare show of spinal ownership, the republicans actually stood up and said wait a minute!

Someone apparently looked at the President’s plan and asked the question, “How is this going to make the economy better?”  Hundreds of millions of dollars for condoms and an array of left-wing pork that has nothing to do with turning the economy around. Someone must have noticed the small portion of this stimulus plan that even goes to this grand public works program. If the government is allowed to spend that kind of money on these things after all the money they got already that did nothing, we could be doomed. No, we will be. The perennial arrogance of this president allows him the posture of his way or the highway. Giving almost nothing to the other side and claiming that we won the election, thus we get it our way doesn’t seem to resonate with some people.

Some remember when the republicans won the white house, the democrats were screaming for bipartisanship, claiming the right did not have a mandate. The truth is, this is just the other side drunk on power and the two parties take turn sipping from this adult beverage. The monolithic traits of the two party system have raised it’s wicked head again. The anathema which is liberalism gets inebriated on power just like conservatism and we get nothing done. So I ask you. Where is the change?

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