Obama: Abortion and Infanticide Connection

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As the glorification begins and the millions of worshippers descend on Washington DC  to begin their idol’s canonization ceremonies, as people pack their minivans and drag their kids out into the cold to be near the chosen one, it might be a good time to explain while some of us can not support this man. While we watch the mind numbed press fulfill their self-imposed prophecy of creating history doing anything they can for their demigod, it is time to truly explain why some of us can not drink the kool aid.

Some of you might have heard something about Obama being connected to abortion or infanticide in some way. You might not have heard the whole story or even wondered what that was about.  The whole thing started when a registered nurse got a job at a hospital in Illinois. It wasn’t too long after she started that job that she realized that the hospital she was now working for actually performed abortions. The way Illinois law goes is kind of strange at the very least.  A hospital in that state is not allowed to perform abortions the traditional way.  After all, they are a hospital and they are supposed to make the sick and dying better. So not being allowed to directly end a baby’s life inside the mother for convenience, they use this method that instead of a direct assault on the baby’s life, they were allowed to induce labor way too early to end its life. This was an indirect way the hospital could perform abortions. If you induce labor early enough the baby could never survive and thus the killing was accomplished.

The problem with this method of abortion is that twenty percent of these kids actually survive. It is a mathematical certainty that some of these kids are born alive anyway. When this would happen, this one hospital where the nurse was working, would then place the child in a janitor’s utility closet on the floor to die. I know this is insane. However, this is what would happen. They would place the child alive, breathing on its own, on the floor in that closet and wait for it to die.

This nurse, whose name I’ll omit in this article, found this out and went into the closet to see the latest baby the hospital left to die. She picked this baby up and stood in the closet for forty-five minutes, holding this child until it stopped breathing. Wrecked by the experience, she put her job on the line and carried that baby to the morgue and demanded a death certificate. She then took pictures of this closet of death and brought this whole thing to the authorities. Shocked to find out this was legal and there was nothing they could do about it, she went to the State’s Legislators to change the law. Now this is where President Elect Barack Hussein Obama comes into the story.

Obama was one of those State Senators at the time that was in on this State Senate sub-committee where the nurse made her case to the lawmakers to please change the law. She made her case on how Illinois needed to end this wicked and evil practice. Of course having a soul, almost everyone was on board, to change the law and say any child born alive will have legal rights to medical attention. That once the child was born and outside the mother alive, any child in this scenario would be afforded the full gambit of legal rights like the rest of us. Even the most left wing Illinois politicians were on board to change the law, except Obama.

He first objected by playing semantic games with the written law, where he would pick on the writing of the bill and say he couldn’t accept it for this or that reason. They removed the writing of the bill three times to get him on board. Finally, Obama said he could not vote for this because of the bill, in any form, gets in the way of the mother’s initial intent of having an abortion and undermines Roe vs. Wade.

Now please listen to me. Regardless of your political persuasion, this is why some of us could never support this man. This thing and this thing alone is too much for some of us to swallow. It goes directly to this man’s character and soul. This act alone from this man disqualifies him to lead this country. Period!  We don’t need anything more to learn about him. We don’t care about whatever argument you make about this man. We whom care about and respect life could never have anything to do with this guy, ever!  It is too much to absorb. It is all we need to know about him. We don’t care what good you think he’s done or is going to do. We draw the line there!  If he can’t get himself to protect those babies lying on the closet floor clinging to life, well this is not someone who we want anywhere near a position of power. This is the kind of thing that echoes in Heaven. This is the kind of thing that makes God, Himself, sit up at attention. This is why some of us don’t like this man.  We believe that any support for this man makes us complicit even in the smallest of ways to this evil act.

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