Leon Panetta Completely Unqualified

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In a bizarre move, President-Elect Barack Obama chose former Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton to head the Central Intelligence Agency. Strangely enough, Panetta has absolutely no experience whatsoever with Intelligence or spies or anything remotely in the realm of CIA territory. In fact, he is no more qualified for that job than I am to pilot the space shuttle to the international space station. Still, he got the job. The hypocrisy here knows no bounds with this crowd and plays more like a Greek tragedy than a practical pick for the most qualified person for the job.

It was the democrats that were screaming from the mountain tops about George Bush and his cronyism. Over and over again, the mantra was that George Bush would put people in positions with no experience in that field. Brown with FEMA, his personal lawyer for Supreme Court, and a countless array of people that not even Republicans would argue the person was qualified. Now here we are. The tables are turned and the democrats are in charge and doing the very same thing.

However, in the world of terrorism and rogue states seeking nuclear weapons, how on Earth can we put a neophyte in charge of the CIA? This is very dangerous and people should take a step back and look at this. Barack Obama’s fascination with the former Clinton administration has reached the level of a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard and borders a full blown psychological condition.

Mr. Change is anything but that. His campaign theme now rendered a complete fraud, should be dragged into court for false advertising. Could you imagine Barack going around the country for eighteen months telling the people he’ll bring back, in total, the Clinton administration? Would he have gotten the job? Maybe we, as Americans, should consider passing a law that stated if a presidential candidate says one thing in the campaign and does the opposite, then he should spend some time in a federal prison reading Chicken Little and learn the lessons of “the sky is falling’.

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