Governor Blagojevich Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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We all seem to have our preconceived notions of the governor of Illinois spoon-fed to us by the press. The whole ordeal seems ribald and cartoonish on the surface. However, as of late the direction this thing has taken, does seem to have a “something’s wrong here” kind of feel to it. What we are all witnessing is a Governor of one our States being taken down. This takedown is taking on the characteristics of injustice and an un-American mob like mentality at the very least. Who among us would want us to lose our job spurting from nothing more than an allegation?

If you are one of those naive Americans who believes a person is guilty because the government says they are, well your mind is the perfect silly putty government’s hope for in their population. If you are also one of those Americans who believes when you hear a snippet of an audio tape, that this is the whole story, then you deserve the specter of being wrong. Because the Governor seems to be a little odd or strange to us, doesn’t mean the man has committed a felony worthy of losing his job. Strange as this man may seem to us, he was elected twice as Governor of Illinois. The will of the people is something that should trump innuendo or speculation.

What we are watching here is very frightening. The process here reeks of unfairness for the Governor and the people of Illinois. This man may or may not be guilty of trying to sell the former United States Senate seat vacated by Barrack Obama. However, to rip this guy out of office before even being charged with this crime by the US Attorney’s office and not even allow him to defend himself is screaming of roguishness and provocation.

Here’s the rub that may or may not be apropos to you. The man is claiming he is innocent. The man is screaming from the mountain tops that he did not do this. He is begging America to let him defend himself. He is going on any TV show he can get on decrying these allegations and proclaiming innocence. What in the world is wrong with letting this guy defend himself before he is removed from office? Is this a free country or not?

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