Face the Nation: Cheney’s Denial

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On his last appearance as Vice President, Dick Cheney seems to still be in denial of certain axioms that any rational person can see. The host of Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer, asked Vice President Cheney whether or not it was a mistake to not have more troops to secure Iraq after the takedown of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Cheney said that he isn’t sure if it would have made a difference. Schieffer pointed out that the surge proved he was wrong.  As soon as we put in more troops, it worked to calm things down.

This disconnect from reality from the Vice President does nothing to help the Republican Party from rebounding from this slaughter of their brand name. It is hard for the Republican Party to move on and rebuild, when at the waning days of the Bush Administration, the Vice President is still giving ammunition to their detractors and critics.

This lack of understanding that we did not send in enough troops into Iraq to secure it, seems unbelievable and gives the impression that the Republican Party is still out of touch. Those of us who are desirous of a resurgence of conservative ideas by using the Republican Party as that vehicle will be glad when these men who own blame for this destruction, enter into their retirement and go write a book or something.

With all due respect, Happy Retirement Vice President Cheney. We wish you well.

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