Dear Mr. President

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Well, that was one heck of a day. Not being under your spell or a victim of the hypnosis techniques you constantly employ when you speak publicly, that was quite an interesting day of worship you had.  I can see that you’re well on your way of total mental enslavement of America’s mainstream press. Thank God for the Internet and the screams from the wilderness coming from the exiled conservatives in the mist.

Me being one of those exiled theological souls, I spent the entire day just taking in the whole scene. Watching the mainstream press bend down on one knee to receive your adulation and approval was surreal and frightening at the same time. I can see now that this climb out of exile will be even tougher than I envisioned. However, in the words of Tori Amos, ” I never was a cornflake girl, who thought it was a good solution, hanging with the raisin girls.”  So this is one voice that won’t be silenced and one soul who won’t be participating in your thought out and malevolent mind control. Watching  Brian Williams, an anchor of a major network, report dutifully on your daughters’ sleepover with her friends and the punctilious reporting down to what movie the kids watched and what snack they all ate was so far over the top. This made me realized what an intellectual battle this will be. Watching this socialist juggernaut fire on all cylinders was impressive. The joint efforts of the mainstream press, Hollywood actors, music icons, and your sycophant followers creates an Army for you and a mountain to hurdle for us.

Watching all that feed off of each other reminded me of last Christmas when I was putting together my tree. At the end of every string of light, there was a plug with two prongs to go into the wall and on the other side of each plug an outlet to plug in the next set of lights. After plugging in all six threads of lights they produce one heck of a visual effect. You plugging in the press, Hollywood, the music world and your already enslaved minds is something to behold.

However, Mr. President, let me be the first one to tell you. You are not a god! Do you hear me? You are not a god! Hiding behind the absolution of white guilt and taking advantage of the people who truly feel America has made a turn in race relations, gives you a smoke screen to inject your socialist agenda, sir. Yeah, I caught that one too. What that meant to a lot of people was a perfect backdrop for you to use to begin your transformation of the free market. The fact that no one realizes that your rhetoric covers everything and everyone. You are everything to everyone and will do everything for them all, even down to the little village in Africa. You are here to heal and change the world.

Sir, don’t you think that’s a little too much?  To be everything to everybody across the world is a little nuts, Mr. President.  I’m not the only voice out here who sees through all of this. The power you have harnessed as of late is dangerous. So in the arena of ideas, the battle has begun and so has the resistance.

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