Citi-Group: Welcome to Socialism

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So sad, Citi-Group was forced to turn down the delivery of a new private jet that they ordered back in 2005. It seems when you play in the playground of socialism, there is a price to pay on what toys one can or cannot play with.  Being one of those shameless banks who attached itself to the mother’s milk of the American taxpayers, the treasury department simply just made one phone call to your company to tell you what you can and cannot do in the not so free “free market.”

It’s a new world Citi-Group and now you need to find your place on the socialist ladder when you make any move Uncle Sam might not smile upon. Maybe before you make any changes or any purchases, you should just pick up the phone and call the government to see if you are allowed to do it.  After all did you not line up with the other gluttonous banks to join in on the gang rape of the American taxpayers, well did ya?  Short of executive meetings at Chucky Cheese, any expenditures you now make will be subject to any one of the country’s politicians whimsical interpretation. A repercussion you’ll just have to deal with due to your omnivorous appetite for taxpayer money.

Of course, this is just my personal opinion, nothing more and something I still have until the later stages of socialism take hold.

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