Transition Scandal

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Hillary Clinton warned the world during the democratic primary that Barack Obama had stuff in his past that made him unelectable.

Well, he was elected anyway, but now we’re starting to get a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg. Obama hasn’t even taken office yet, but finds himself on the outer edge of yet another scandal.

A transition scandal is something very new in recent memory. To not have taken office yet and to be wrapped up in some cloud of suspicion from your home state, could be an indicator that this could be the most scandal ridden presidency of our life times.

However, Obama’s ability to walk between the raindrops and have everything, so far, roll off is shoulders and not stick, is an inscrutable skill. At some time, scandal after scandal, something will stick.

An aegis has a life span and no one among us is bulletproof all the time. Sang-froid as Obama is, my gut tells me when it finally unravels, this could be one of the biggest mistakes the American electorate has ever made.

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