Obama, Rev. Wright, & Pastor Rick Warren

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I don’t remember all the disgust from the gay community when Obama’s Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church was brought into our lives. Strangely, not a word from the gay community when that videotape was looped over and over again on our television sets for weeks.

Now, just the mention of Obama’s pick of Rick Warren to be a part of that special day of change sends gays into a hissy fit. What is it about Pastor Warren that is nails on a chalkboard to gay Americans?

I wonder if they have even read his book, The Purpose Driven Life? I, for one, am among the thirty million people who bought that book and read it. Many things touched me in his book.

One thing that stood out for me was that I’ve known only a few people who have such a punctilious understanding of the Gospel. Only a few who can take verses out of the Bible and so perfectly fit it into today’s life and time.

Now, in contrast to Reverend Wright, how many of us thought or said, “How could he have sat in that church for twenty years, brought his kids into a church like that?”  For a lot of us this “very” thing, this one thing, this thing alone was all we needed to make up our minds about Barack Obama.  Anything else was window dressing.

I’m not sure of the motives behind Barack’s decision to pick Warren. However, I do hope that in some way Pastor Rick will have a positive influence on our new president.

A great Pastor can reach all sorts of people. I pray that Barack finds his purpose driven life beyond the politics.

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