Media Bias Exposed Again

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Any discussion about media bias anymore is like beating a dead horse. Clearly, all thinking people apperceived the fact that there is a left-wing bent media. It’s gotten so bad and so in your face that they even admit to it now.

The argument of left-wing media bias, even though has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, we still constantly must show examples of this and never let this issue go. We should never be complacent in the fact that this truism is exposed, but diligent on constantly reminding people to the extent of what this really is, an attempt to manipulate, and make the news, instead of just reporting it.

The left wing media should be paid by the Obama campaign as if they were some kind of security force that was hired to protect him. The news just broke that the Feds just arrested Governor Rod Blagojevich (D) of Illinois. A democratic scandal over the top once again. Allegedly, the Feds have on tape yet another democrat doing their dirty democrat things. You know what I mean, like finding 90K in cash wrapped in tinfoil in their freezers.. you know those kinds of dirty democrat things.

Now here’s the difference in the reporting of this, Fox News is reporting this as a major story and is covering every aspect of it anticipating the level of scandal this could be. I bounce over to MSNBC and they’re reporting it almost like a side note or something you’d find buried on page 49, section C, but to the level of how this is orchestrated, is truly breathtaking.

At the very time when this story is breaking news, MSNBC juxtaposed a story side by side with this as if it were equal news, the fact that Larry Craig lost some appeal today. Now could you just imagine someone in the background, trying to put this democratic fire out and someone is given the task to go find something on a republican? I can see the grunt bursting through the hallway screaming, “I’ve got it, I’ve got it… Larry Craig lost some appeal in some esoteric appeals court today! A republican doing a bad thing. You see, you see! The republicans are bad too!!”

That staff person that found such a surreptitious fact about a republican tapping his toe in a public bathroom so quickly and was able to throw that up on the screen to protect the democratic image and its template. This staff person should be awarded a giant Christmas bonus according to its proportionality of this great task. Within minutes, MSNBC summons the head of the political department, Chuck Todd, throws Chuck live on a split screen so he could tell us that this was no big deal and that Obama doesn’t really need to be distracted by any of this.

I stood up at my desk looking at Chuck Todd in the eye through my plasma screen yelling at him, asking him, “What do you mean this is no big deal? One of the 50 American governors was arrested for trying to sell a senate seat for cash and God knows whatever else. And you think that’s no big deal, Mr. Todd??”

Now before I get carried away with the emotion that something like this brings me, let me point out the dangerous part about all of this. This is an orchestrated event, behind the scenes in where the media will do anything to protect Barack Obama. They have created this icon. Nothing can disrupt the template or the storyline. We’re too busy naming schools, streets, and license plates before he’s even president. There is just no time for a serious democratic scandal.

The media is truly his brothers’ keeper, Brother Obama.

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