The Man, Joe the Plumber

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A child was born alone who turns into a man made of stone. The child, you sit and wonder why; the child in him will never die.  Can you see him in his biggest of view? The child, the man who wanted to; I see him in his biggest debut. The man, the child who never knew.  In the dark, we see the light; the child, the man, the inner fight. Which comes out strong and seen? The man and all his hopes and dreams.

So there was Joe the Plumber telling Obama about his dreams to own a business. Vexed by Barack’s socialist answers to Joe’s dreams. Now the public statement from Joe the Plumber on the Glenn Beck show about John McCain and what he thought of him.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard what it was like driving around with McCain. The gulf between regular people and our so-called leaders has become so vast. We’ve all seen it on display with the arrival of Sarah Palin on the national scene.

Working class America is starving for someone to truly speak to us. Sarah was able to catch our hearts because we saw ourselves in her family.  Maybe someone very close to Joe the Plumber should try to talk him into running for office. I like his instincts and we need more people in Washington who are not fake.

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